Allergens & dietary



The following allergens are present in all of our Doberge layer cakes:


Cereals containing gluten (wheat)




Soya is present in small traces used in certain decorations, including the chocolate curls on our Chocolate Doberge cakes and the salted caramel chips in our Salted Caramel Doberge cakes.


Small traces of nuts and peanuts may be present in all of our cakes. Whilst we do not use nuts or peanuts in any of our recipes, Dizzi Cakes is not a nut-free kitchen as we are too small to operate an additional kitchen that we can keep entirely nut-free.


All of our cakes are suitable for vegetarians. We do not use cheese that contains rennet within the cream cheese fillings for our Red Velvet Doberge cakes, or any other product.


Unfortunately, eggs and milk are a vital part of our recipe, so our Doberge cakes are unsuitable for vegans.