What is Doberge cake?

Doberge is a unique celebration cake from New Orleans.

Despite its lofty stature, this cake is deceptively light. Its super-glossy coatings and velvety-textured fillings means it goes perfectly with bubbles.

Doberge adds a touch of decadence to make your special occasion swing.

Each cake has six layers of sponge and measures eight inches in diameter, serving up to 16 in wedges or up to 28 in party servings. Its size makes it ideal for large corporate events and personal celebrations alike, from birthdays, anniversaries and engagements to baby showers, christenings and graduations.

No matter the occasion, this is an unforgettable celebration cake that will help you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

All of our full-size Doberge cakes are priced at £125. For customised flavours, we will require an additional 10% to cover the costs of experimentation!

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