Enter the Doberge

Doberge is a unique celebration cake from New Orleans.

Despite its lofty stature, this cake is deceptively light in taste. Its super-glossy, poured coatings and velvety-textured fillings makes it the perfect match for bubbles.

Doberge will add a touch of decadence from the Big Easy to make your special occasion swing.

Each Doberge is six layers high and 8 inches in diameter, serving up to 28 people. Its large size makes it ideal for significant celebrations, from birthdays, anniversaries and engagements to baby showers, christenings and graduations.

No matter the occasion, this is an unforgettable celebration cake that will help to create a festive atmosphere and memories that will last a lifetime.

Choose from our signature menu, as featured in our cake gallery. Or customise your own Doberge cake in your favourite flavours. If you can dream it, we can make it!

Each of our Doberge layer cakes is hand-crafted over 15 hours. Some might call that a labour of love, but we believe the effort is worth every single bite.