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Why make
doberge cake?

It was the summer of 2016 and I was travelling for work in New Orleans. Seeking shelter from the intense afternoon heat I stopped in a pretty cafe in the French Quarter.

And then it happened, my first encounter with the city's cherished Doberge cake. 

I had never tasted anything like it. With its slim, seductive layers, refreshingly light filling and delicate, glossy coating... it blew me away. 

And best of all, was that it went perfectly with a very cold glass of bubbly!

That experience of tasting my first slice of Doberge never left me. As a dedicated baker, I knew I had to share this discovery with friends and family.

Now, I’m excited to share Doberge cake with you!

Dizzi x


history of Doberge

Doberge was invented in 1933 by Beulah Ledner. She took the Hungarian Dobos Torte and adapted it to suit the New Orleans clientele.


E voila! Doberge was born! It has been the city's celebration cake of choice ever since; no birthday, anniversary or special occasion is complete without it.